Conference venue

The conference PAEE will be held in the guest house “Gazdowka pod lasem” in Kościelisko (near Zakopane) at the foot of Polish mountains Tatry. Participants will be located in “Gazdówka pod lasem” as well as in two directly adjacent areas – bungalows at “Kirowy gościniec” (6 Groń str.) and “Kirowa osada” (8 Groń str.)

Gazdowka pod Lasem
Gazdowka pod Lasem


Kirowa osada                                                           Kirowy Gosciniec

How to get there (see maps below)
1. By train from the airport cities (Kraków, Katowice, Warsaw) to Zakopane, then by frequent local buses from the vicinity of railway station to Kiry (8 km, 15 min. of travel)
2. By car directly to parking in front of “Gazdówka pod lasem”


What to know
The area where the conference is held has a very touristic character, so it is worth to take with you appropriate shoes and clothes to walk on hiking trails, especially during the one-day trip to neighboring country Slovakia (EU member with € currency)..

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